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 5 Year Activities of e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh


8 March 2015: Round table discussion on `International Women Day’ at e-CAB office, with a view to empowering a whole.

8 July 2015: e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh received license from Ministry of Commerce.  With this license e-CAB becomes the only e-commerce trade Association of Bangladesh.

11 July 2015: Courtesy visit with the e-CAB advisor Abdullah H Kafi by the EC committee and thanks to the advisor for his valuable role for the developmentof e-Commerce sector.

2 August 2015: Courtesy visit with the Commerce Minister and Information Minister, during the meeting e-CAB has drawn kind attention to the said ministers about the existing problems of e-commerce industries.

2 August 2015: e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh had a courtesy meeting with e-CommerceMinistry.

4 August 2015: On August 4, 2015 e-CAB received certificate from registrar of joint stock companies and firms (RJSC), and thereafter e-CAB becomes the only government certified e-commerce trade association in the country.

4 August 2015: e-CAB EC members thanked to Basis for its support to the Association’s registration. Basis EC members welcome to e-CAB representative.

10 August 2015: Bangladesh Computer Society felicitate to e-CAB Executive Committees. In the Seminar e-CAB and Bangladesh Computer council EC members exchange views regarding development of e-Commerce sector.

10 August 2015:  e-CABhad a courtesy meeting withBangladeshAssociation of Call centre and Outsourcing (BACCO). BACCO President welcomed the e-CAB president and other representatives. During the meeting both the association opined to work together for the development of e-Commerce sector in Bangladesh.

20 August 2015: On August 22 a seminar on `Prospects & challenges of e-Commerce for SME’ was organized by DCCI.  During the seminar it was confirmed that loan will be provided to the SMEs. In this seminar also discussion was held on digital wallet and high-speed internet service to be provided. For rural development, agro products and organic food will be distributed to all over the country. The participants also discussed the about women empowerment and unemployment issues, which should be resolved.

22 August 2015: Internet Service Providers Association of Bangladesh welcomed the e-CAB EC members.

7 September 2015: MOU was signed between e-CAB and Bkash. From that day e-CAB members, who have Bkash merchant will get 1.5% charge facilities. And also, they can use Bkash API.

19 September 2015: e-CAB membership general meeting & certificate giving to member companies. 85% problem has identified in delivery service. To resolve the delivery service problem e-CAB EC members drawn kind attention to the Junaid Ahmed Polok, MP, State Minister for Information, Communication and Technology. In the meeting Joint Secretary Abdul Mannan said, we should improve goods on service quality rather than quantity.

11 October 2015: On this day,e-CAB became member of Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FBCCI). e-CAB will get all kind of support and facilities from FBCCI as registered association. This membership certificate will enable to work as independent organization.

28 October 2015: MOU signing with e-CAB and IFIC Bank was held on 28 October 2015. Thereafter e-CAB members are getting facilities on IFIC mobile Banking.

8 November 2015: e-CAB observed its 1st anniversary, e-CAB organized several programs, work shop, boot camp by this year. It also attended several TV programs to flourish e-Commerce sector Bangladesh.

31 December 2015: The1st Annual General meeting of e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh was held at Jatio Mohila Shongstha. In connection with the AGM a seminar was also organized where e-CAB’ General Secretary, Abdul WahedTomal announced work plan for the year 2015 and Finance Secretary. Mohammod Abdul Haque submitted 2014-2015 financial report.

June 2016: EC members of e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB) paid courtesy visit to the Canadian Embassy in Dhaka. Canadian High Commission showed keen interest about e-commerce sector of Bangladesh. He inquired of the scope of for foreign companies to work with local e-commerce companies, payment gateway company service and payment security.

June 2016: Members of e-CAB Executive committee met with SorenRobenhagen, commercial counsellor of the Denmark Embassy. The counsellor had a long discussion on various aspects of e-commerce in Bangladesh with e-CAB president. According to Northern Europe B2C e-Commerce report, of the 5.6 million people in Denmark, 96% uses internet and 4.4 million people shop online. Both parties agreed to work jointly in different areas of the e-commerce at public and private level.

June 2016: e-CAB executive committee members, under the leadership of e-CAB President attended a courtesy meeting with the ambassador of Sweden in Bangladesh. A draft policy paper has been submitted to the office of the ICT State Minister Zunaid Ahmed Palak. Ambassador Johan Frisell said, Bangladesh is currently observing rapid economic growth and e-commerce is a highly potential sector in Bangladesh.

03 June, 2016: e-CAB organized a meeting at the DhanmondiKutumbari Restaurant. Members of the e-CAB Executive Committee as well as regular members attended the meet up. The main goal behind organizing such meet up is to encourage networking among members and explore new business opportunities in e-Commerce.

June 2016: Members of the e-CAB Executive Committee attended a meeting with VISA Inc. The official talked about online payment, current condition of e-Commerce in Bangladesh. VISA showed interest to work with e-CAB to improve the e-Commerce sector of Bangladesh.

June 2016: BCC & e-CAB pre- budget discussion was held. E-CAB Executive Members met with Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC). Leaders of Internet Service Provided Association of Bangladesh (ISPAB) were also present at the meeting. e-CAB forwarded following proposals at the meeting

  • Tax exemption on e-Commerce till 2025
  • To Keep E-Commerce trade license fee below Tk 3,000
  • Keep online transaction charge within 1%
  • VAT exemption on online transaction till 2025.

21 June 2016: The country’s top online payment gateway SSLCOMMER’z ‘SSLCOMMERZ merchant meet up 2016’ was held on June 21, 2016. The program took place in the capital’s RAOWA Convention centre with the participation of companies associated with SSLCOMMERZ.

8 January 2016: On the 8th January the Executive Committee of e-CAB meet with the Honourable State Minister for ICT Junaid Ahmed Palak.

4 February 2016: On this day a meeting was held between e-CAB and ICT State Minister Zunaid Ahmed Palak, who advised e-CAB for e-Commerce policy development.

15 March 2016: e-CAB & United International University (UIU) organized a seminar to celebrate the International Women Day”. In the seminar e-CAB women entrepreneurs exchanged their opinions.

24 July 2016: ICT Associations are going to work together to build smart city. The goal of building smart city to improve quality of life by using technology to improve the efficiency of service and meet of the resident’s needs. On July 24, 2016 Bangladesh Computer Society organized a seminar titled as ‘Smart City and IOT”. At the seminar, representative of the trade association has formed a committee.

13 August 2016: e-Commerce policy meeting was held at e-CAB office. e-CAB submitted policy draft to ICT division as per direction of the ICT state Minister Zunaid Ahmed Palak.In that meeting, the attendants discussed on e-commerce policy draft, foreign investment in e-commerce, investment in insurance, e-Security and compliance, Payment gateway, delivery service, domain and hosting legal affairs and capacity development.

06 September 2016: A meeting was held between e-CAB and export promotion bureau (EPB). SME’s would be benefitted to export their goods and EPB to provide all support in these regards.

8 September 2016: Representatives of e-CAB visited Ministry of Commerce and meeting with the Commerce Secretary.

14 October 2016: e-CAB organized a day long workshop titled as ‘Pathway to e-Commerce’. The workshop had a number of sessions: Basics of e-Commerce, Guidelines & legal works to start e-Commerce.

19th October 2016:  A seminar was conducted for expansion of e-Commerce in rural area, which was discussed in Digital world fair 2016.

26 October 2016: e-Commerce policy conference was held at Radisson Blue water Garden in Dhaka. In the conference State Minister Mr.Zunaid Ahmed Palak was present there> he said, Bangladesh Post offices need to developed and update the structured facilities for delivery service, also he emphasized on security service.

8 November 2016: LICT training program for e-Commerce entrepreneur was organized at DU. e-CAB member companies attended at the training program.

8th November 2016: A 2nd year anniversary Celebration program was held on e-CAB office where member company representatives were present there.  President of e-CAB thanked to all for their all-out support to e-CAB.

17 November 2016: Between BPO &e-CAB a MOU regarding e-Commerce delivery service was duly signed. In the signing ceremony e-CAB Finance secretary Md. Abdul Haque, and director government affairs Md. ArifulHyeRazib were also present.

30 November 2016: Meeting with ICT Division regarding future activities and plan was held. In the meeting it was agreed that e-CAB will organize various events like training programs, idea project, research programs, international summits, support centre for the e-Commerce entrepreneurs.

7th December 2016: Meeting between e-CAB and Grameenphone initiated by Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FBCCI) was held.

26 December 2016: Inauguration of e-Post Delivery service Bangladesh Postal Service.

27-28 January 2017: Two Days long Workshop on Digital Marketing conducted by e-CAB.

24 March 2017:  A daylong workshop and exhibition of products organized by women e-Commerce entrepreneurs was organized.

24-28 April 2017: e-CAB participated at the UNCTAD e-Commerce week. Organized by UN Trade and Development Agency in Geneva, Switzerland.

7th April 2017: e-Commerce Day was duly celebrated by e-CAB.

28 May 2017: A MOU signed on bilateral cooperation between A2I & e-CAB

7 October 2017: Three new activities on ‘Emerging Start-up award pole’

08 November 2017:3rd Year Anniversary of e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh was celebrated.

24 November 2017: A workshop on e-Commerce Customer Service & Call Centre Development was organized.

30 December 2017:Ms.Shomi Kaiser has been elected as the president of e-CAB executive committee for the term of December 30 2018 to 2019.


30 December 2017: The names of newly Elected President Ms.Shomi Kaiser and General Secretary Mr. AbdulWahedTomal of e-CAB were announced.

03 January 2018: Mr. Mustafa Jabbar who is one of the advisors of e-CAB tool the charge as the Minister of Post Telecom and ICT ministry for the second term.

10 January 2018: A meeting of e-CAB representatives with the Managing Director of High-Tech Park was held.

05 April 2018: 7 April was declared as the national e-Commerce day and e-Commerce week from 7-13th April with the slogan ‘Commerce to e-Commerce’ was inaugurated.

05 April 2018: A bilateral agreement between e-CAB and Bangladesh Foreign Trade Institute (BFTI) regarding Training and Research was signed.  e-CAB president Shomi Kaiser and BFTIMr. Ali Ahmed joined as the Chief Executive Officer signed the MOU.

22 February 2018: On 22 February e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh and Software Shop Ltd. (SSL) jointly organized a Seminar on interruption in digital payment.

May 2018: Women and e-Commerce forum (WE) and ‘Two-Hour Job’ jointly signed the MOU for One stop Solution platform. SanzidaKhondokar, Founder of Two-hour Job and NasimaAkterNisha, Chairman, Women and e-Commerce forum signed the agreement.

9 May 2018: A meeting was held 2018 with government of Bangladesh and e-CAB executive committee to inspire and expansion of e-payment system and commercial banks are open to support local e-commerce sector

13 May 2018:  A2I started taking service from e-Post delivery system.

09 June 2018: Press conference on budget to protect e-CAB member’s interests was held.

16 July 2018: Celebration on e-Commerce policy approved.

16 July 2018: Digital Commerce Policy signed by the cabinet on 16 July 2018.

09 August 2018: LICT project financing of the ICT department and entrepreneurship training contract under Dhaka University

11 August 2018: e-CAB and Area 71 organized a workshop On professional skill development aiming Amazon e-Business Workshop on Facebook.

27 September 2018: On 27 September e-CAB and Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) signed an agreement. Under this agreement e-CAB and FNF would jointly organize seminar and other related events.

25 October 2018: Signing Ceremony between e-CAB and Shop-up for e-Loan took place on that day.  e-CAB members would get e-loan facilities from Shop to accelerate their e-Commerce business.

10 December 2018:Inauguration of nationwide e-post delivery service. Under this arrangement e-post will provide delivery service in 64 districts by post office.

18 January 2019: On 18 January 2019 e-Commerce association of Bangladesh organized a training program on e-commerce in Chittagong, which was funded by Ministry of Commerce.

15 January 2019:The reception of two ministers

19 January 2019:e-commerce training program at the five hundred post offices.

05 February 2019: A training program on e-trade learning for five thousand members was initiated with the theme slogan “e- BanijjoKorboNijerBebshaGorbo”

18 February 2019: 2018-2019 Budget Proposals announced.

27 February 2019: 4th Annual General Meeting was held at BBC Auditorium, ICT Tower, Agargaon, Dhaka,

12 March 2019: e-CAB organized Annual picnic at Dhaka Resort, Gazipur and participated by the member companies. In a day long program several events and sports were organized for the participants, especially for the children.

30 April 2019: e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh organized 8 Divisional E-Commerce Fair 2019. Fair Started from Chittagong on 30 April 2019 at General Post office and ended on 18 May 2019 GOP, Auditorium, Dhaka. In each division seminar and press conference were organized with the support from the partner companies & organizations like A2I, Hi-tech Park, FNF and JMS. It was also sponsored by DARZ, Chaldal, Ajkerdeal, Bagdoom, Shaparu, SSL Commerz, MTBL, DBBL,

25 June 2019: A press conference on Budget for the financial year 2019-2020 was held, where it was opined that the imposed VAT on e-commerce sector will hindrance growth of e-commerce industry in Bangladesh.

22 June 2019: e-CAB awarded certificates to 200 trainees after the completion of a 20-day long basic and professional training course on e-Commerce. The event was organised Leveraging ICT for Growth Governance (LICT) of Bangladesh Computer Council under guidance of Centre for project management and Information Systems (PMIS) and conducted by e-CAB. These 200 trainees have the opportunities to be trained in eight batches. Started on 21 October and ending 09 February.

22 June 2019: e-CAB awarded certificates to 75 trainees after completion of 11 day long free courses on e-Commerce titled as ‘e-BanijjoKorboNijerBeboshaGorbo’. The training program was conducted by e-CAB and organized by WTO Cell of Ministry of commerce and Business Promotion Council. The certificate awarding ceremony was attended by commerce secretory MD. Mofizul Islam.

25 June 2019: e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh demanded elimination of Vat on e-Commerce Business at a press conference organized by the Association. The association leaders opined that elimination of VAT from e-Commerce Business will ultimately increase the employment and purchasing power of the consumers.

23 July 2019:  A memorandum of Understanding was signed between e-CAB and e-Commerce farm

25 July 2019: A memorandum of Understanding was signed between e-Post and C-Express.

7 July 2019: A training program for Business to e-Business was organized.

17 August 2019:  A mobile app, built jointly by e-CAB, E-post and BD-Youth named as ‘Stop Dengue’, was launched to identify mosquito-breeding grounds anywhere in the country. Using the app people can get easy information about dengue treatment and its outbreak. The opening ceremony of the mobile app was held at Bangladesh Scouts Headquarters in the city’s Kakrail area. Earlier, nine government and private enterprises signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aiming at providing a framework for access to services, effective collaboration, timely communication and development of the digital app.

20 September 2019:Cross border sellers mee


tup with sellers of American e-Commerce giant Amazon was jointly organized at Dhaka by e-CAB and Area 71.

05 October 2019:e-CAB opened its Chottogram divisional office there. On this occasion a ADDA was held. The ADDA was attended among others by Joint Secretory of Commerce ministry MD. HafizurRahman and e-CAB general secretory Mohammad Abdul WahedTomal.

11 October 2019:An outstanding ADDA was arranged by e-CAB, where different aspects of e-Commerce was discussed by the members of the Association. The ADDA was chaired by Shomi Kaiser, the President of e-CAB.

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