The biggest challenge for e-commerce websites in Bangladesh is to ensure that visitors come on a regular basis. If there are not visitors then you cannot have many buyers. Facebook plays a crucial role in this regard for Bangladeshi e-commerce sites. I am not an expert in this field and the truth is that I did not get even one dollar from e-commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB) for it. To overcome this limitation of budget, I have spent many sleepless nights in our Facebook group. I am more or less very happy with the success I have seen in the last 4 months. Based on my personal experience, I am giving some tips here.

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  1. Don’t forget to realize the true value of Facebook. Just don’t think that your job finishes with opening a page for your business. Instead, try to know about it and read as much as possible. Facebook has provided some tips in this regard here:

When I visit FB pages of our e-commerce sites, most of the time what I can find are some photos of products and descriptions. However, I think that you should focus on your visitors. If possible do a small survey on 50-60 persons on what they want from your page. This can really give you a good idea about your potential visitors.

  1. Don’t run after fake likes, please. There are ads all over the internet that you can buy 1000 likes with just spending 1000 taka. I know that many of you will strongly disagree with me. May be, you have 100,000 likes in your page but in most of your posts only 5-6 persons bother to like. So, it is simply useless.
  2. Be careful about spending ad dollars. I am in favor of putting Facebook ads with the help of a professional rather than doing it myself. However, still, try to know about it. This way, you will be able to inform your expert professional about your needs and goals. If possible read about it internet and also watch some videos in Youtube. Boosting a post is a good thing but if it does not convert into sales then you will get frustrated sooner rather than later. Facebook advertisement is not a science in which you will get the equation 2+2=4. Rather it is a complicated art.
  3. Make the best use of your FB Group. The address of our FB group is:

There are only 3,121 members in this group. Still, such a useful group is rare in Bangladesh. Anyone can post a question related to e-commerce. The group members are friendly and give suggestion within a few hours. This group is arranging best promotion of e-CAB for us. Many owners of e-commerce sites have joined e-CAB through this association. Thus, I feel that every e-commerce site or company should have a Facebook Group. There is no need to have thousands of people, just 1000 members are enough. However, the main secret is to ensure that the group members get some kind of benefit.

  1. Instead of putting ads of your products directly, try to provide useful tips in your group. For example, your shopping site is about selling clothes and in this case, you can post fashion related tips and provide answers to popular questions about this field. If you can do it then many people will naturally join your group. Then, if you indirectly promote your products from time to time, hardly anyone will object. Your groups members will promote your brand. I am in favor of using a FB group to promote your brand rather than selling your products.
  2. One way to ensure engagements from your group members is to arrange events on a regular basis. You do not need to spend a lot of money to organize such events. Just arrange a friendly adda or chat in Dhanmondi Lake or TSC. It will boost engagement among your visitors.
  3. You have to remember a basic lesson- never go for short cut. I have noticed that around 700 members are joining the e-CAB group. So, the number of likes and comments for the posts is increasing gradually. If this trend continues then within this year, there will be around 10-15,000 persons and it will ensure that e-CAB becomes a very popular association in the country.
  4. Always remember that everyone who likes your page and joins your group do it because they like your website or brand. So, treat them with respect. Always focus on giving them quality information and think of their benefit. If you can do it then naturally they will promote your website, page and group natruallly.
  5. Your own Facebook wall can be a gold mine. There are 1573 persons in my friend list. At least, 1000 persons with some kind of e-commerce background have joined my friend list. Many of them want to know about e-commerce every day. You will see that many of your friends will want to know about your products. The basic rule is that we love to buy from the persons we know and trust. Try to offer them some discount or any other facility and some of them may really become your regular customers.

Final words: After reading this article, many of you may feel that you don’t have so much time like me or your organization is a for profit company not an association like e-CAB. However, just remember that the biggest asset for a company is its goodwill. Facebook can help you to increase the reputation of your company. I have experienced this in e-CAB. Of course, if you have a sizable fund or budget for your marketing then you can simply ignore my advice. On the other hand, if you do not have that kind of cash then try to reflect on my ideas.

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