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City life is becoming tough and stressful. Going to market to buy daily necessities has become very time consuming which is why e-Commerce or online shopping websites are becoming the main medium of shopping these days. One can buy almost anything few clicks and get the products at their doorsteps.


With more than 100 million people with mobile subscribers and around 30 million internet users, Bangladesh e-Commerce sector should have seen rapid growth by now but it did not happen. There are many reasons behind this one of them being lack of interest among people to buy products online.


In this post, I am going to give you quick tips to attract people to buy online.



  1. Customer Selection:

Any above 18 educated person in Bangladesh uses mobile phone and internet and they are your potential customers. Unfortunately, the reality is that many educated people are still reluctant to buy products online. You have to reach out to these people. You also need to remember the simple fact that people are already buying offline in Bangladesh from the brick and mortar shops. So, there is a market and we just have to earn the trust and satisfaction of the customers. You have to find the right customers and reach out to them. This is why, we should target the young people as they are easier to adapt anything new. If you can motivate them they will be with you for many years.


  1. Customer Training:

Some of you may get surprised about it. However, you have to remember that Bangladesh is a third world country. We have to convert common people into e-Commerce customers. We have to reach out to almost everyone- even to the poor people. We have to realize that anyone can become a customer of e-commerce even in a country like Bangladesh. However, what we need to do is to ensure proper training for these consumers so that they become motivated to buy online. Many people are still unaware about the benefits of online shopping.


  1. Buyer satisfaction:

People in our country love “Free” offers. So, arrange free delivery for your customer. You would bleed money but do it. Make your goals “scalable.” By “scalable” I mean, set a target that you can achieve. For example, as a new entrepreneur you know would not be able to deliver your goods all over the country. So do not go for “country wide delivery.” You can deliver within your own town or city. For example, your office is in Mohammadpur and you can cover areas within Mohammadpur such as Adabor, Ring Road, etc. You just focus on the residents of Mohammadpur. That wil be all. If you can deliver the promised goods to your customers in time then you will get lots of loyal customers just from that area. Do not focus on quantity. Focus on quality.



  1. Creating customers:

I know what you will say, “Leaflets are useless. Most people will throw them away.” Well, you are right. Still, I would suggest you to create a nice leaflet and distribute it among your potential customers. Most of the people will throw way your leaflet but some people will pay attention and read it. Even if four people becomes interested and decide to buy product from you it is your achievement.


This is very natural in advertisement. Big or small, every company know that thousands of people will see their ad but hundred people will respond to them. That is how advertisement works. This does not mean you decrease your ad spending. You must spend money in advertisement.


So go ahead. Create a nice leaflet with all the necessary information for your customers and distribute it.


  1. Create training video:

Do not think that people will jump into your site and buy products. There are numerous people who do not know about online buying. You can train these people how to buy products online by creating educational video content. In these video contents you tell people how they can successfully buy products and services online. Promote those videos online and offline. This will play a big role in spreading your business.


  1. Give highest priority to your customer:

There is a saying “Customer is always right.” You must behave well with your customer. No matter what the customer says, you should be gentle and courteous with your customer. One happy customer will general ten new customers for you.


  1. Coming out of cash-on-delivery:

Cash-on-delivery is the major trend for e-Commerce businesses but it is not a good one when your business will start to grow. So, try to reduce the amount of cash-on-delivery transactions. It will be very difficult but if you do not do anything, it will only jeopardize your business. Motivate your customers to pay via mobile phone. Train your customers about mobile payment. If necessary create video content for them.



  1. Make your site mobile friendly:

We are living in the era of mobile devices. Smart phone is already very popular in Bangladesh. Many people also use phablets and tablet PCs. So optimize your website for mobile devices.


  1. Deliver at customers’ address:

Always deliver at your customer’s home. To do so, create a database of your customers’ home address. This will show that your’s is a reliable organization and increase your brand value.



  1. Service for customers:

If there is any problem related to product, behave well with customers. Keep your customer service open 24 hours. Do not avoid customers after the purchase process is completed. In our country, many big business house do not want to provide after-sales-service. Customer service is neglected in our country. You have to be careful in this regard. But if you can provide standard customer service, customers of those large business entities will come to you. No matter how large your business organization is, never neglect your customers. It is difficult to earn good reputation, but it is even more difficult to maintain the standard level. This fact will keep your organization different from others.


  1. Try to think from customers’ point of view:

Never show your angry face to the customers. A buyer may purchase different products. If anyone buy a product, give him information about different relative products. Honor premium customers by giving them gifts. To make customers happy, try to arrange a festival and invite your loyal customers.



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This article was originally published by Nazmul Hasan Majumder in Bangla and has been translated by Najiba Wajiha Mahboob. She has completed her undergrad in Computer Science from North South University. Now working freelance in web development, app development and article writing sector mainly. Recently sheworked with Google in a project as Android App Developer.

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